giving snip

     This year we invite you to select one or more options from our digital Giving Tree by clicking the link below. Each child has two individual tags, one for a clothing item and one for a toy/game. Unless you take an entire family, please limit your purchases to one item of clothing or one game/toy. We don’t want to create sibling frustration if one child receives more than the other. Each entry identifies the total number of tags associated with each family to help you easily identify how many tags would need to be selected to purchase for an entire family. This year, tags were offered after service on Sunday, November 28th.  All remaining tags have been placed online.  

You can select as many individual tags as you would like, and then click the submit button.  You will be asked for your name and email address.  An email will be sent to you as a reminder with all the details for each tag you selected.  

     We ask you to purchase your item(s), wrap them, and place a tag on them with the identification information associated with your gift. Please bring them back to the church no later than December 12th.

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