In 2013, the premier presentation of What does the Lord require of you? was presented by the chancel choir. This piece, by Robert A. Hobby, was commissioned in honor of Ronald Naylor's twenty-eight years of service as Senior Pastor at First Presbyterian Church, Muncie, Indiana.

In 2016, First Presbyerian Church chancel choir had the honor to deliver a second commissioned piece, Make a Joyful Noise, by Robert A. Hobby in honor of Kirby Koriath's retirement as Director and Organist.    


To listen to the pieces, please click the links below.

What does the Lord require of you? (commissioned piece for Ron Naylor)

 Make a Joyful Noise (commissioned piece for Kirby Koriath)

~Note from composer Robert A. Hobby~

I thank you for the honor of the commission. And I wish you well as you embark on pitches and rhythms, dynamics and diction. But don’t forget the message of the text. The question from Micah poignantly pierced into my soul a number of times through the compositional process, beckoning me to examine what new actions I might consider during my earthly journey to show God’s compassion, love and hope in this world of unrest. Perhaps in the days leading up to your Pastor’s celebration and beyond, each of you might ponder these words as well. And, if we as a team of composer and choir have done our job, perhaps those sitting in the pews in several weeks will hear these words of challenge ‐ or rather invitation ‐ with new ears and hearts, eager to respond. Ultimately, if we seek to be the faces of Christ in the world, we honor the tireless hours of dedicated service by your pastor, and, more importantly, we embody the Risen Lord. May God give each of us the grace and the courage to do so.

Peace and joy,
Bob Hobby
Trinity English Lutheran Church Fort Wayne, IN