Welcome!  We are so glad you've decided to see what First Presbyterian Church is all about.  We know it’s not always easy visiting a church for the first time. That's the reason we invite you to read below an account of a typical Sunday morning at First Pres.  For further information, please visit:
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Is nursery care provided?

How do I become a member?

What special worship services are provided during the year?

Do I have to be a member of the church to attend worship and other activities?

What should I wear to church?

What should I expect when I visit on a typical Sunday?

Will I have to say or sign anything, or be singled out when I come to church for the first time?

Does the Presbyterian denomination decide when the pastor will go to another church?

Is the music and preaching at really as good as everyone says it is?


We want to make your visit an enjoyable, easy and stress-free experience. We designed our First Pres website to be "user-friendly" for people, whatever their background, including those who may have never been to church before. If any of us were visiting a new church for the first time, we’d like to know what to expect, so here’s a brief overview.

When you arrive at First Pres for our traditional 10:00 a.m. service (or maybe 8:30 a.m. garden service during June through August), you´ll notice that most parking is located on the north side of the church building (towards Studebaker Hall on the Ball State campus off New York Ave.). You are welcome to park either in front or back of the church.  Enter the church through any door. 

When you arrive, some friendly people (our "greeters") will say hello, answer any questions you have, and direct you to the sanctuary (or to the garden in the summer). If you have infants or toddlers, the greeters will help you locate our safe, clean and fun nursery. We will register your child there and let you know about our security so you’ll know your kids are safe and well cared for. 

You’ll notice that most people generally dress in a business-casual or business-dress manner.  That being said, there is no dress code at First Presbyterian Church.  We are an informal church whose highest priority is to worship and serve God and to encourage others to do the same.  We don't care what you wear.  Jesus wore sandals and didn't own a three piece suit and probably didn't have many followers with a fancy, upscale wardrobe.  We want to follow in that spirit. 

When you come into the sanctuary (or the garden in the summer), you’ll be given a copy of the bulletin which has an easy-to-follow guide to the day's services, as well as  “The Happenings,” our weekly announcement sheet. During the service, we ask everyone to sign our “Friendship Register.” Giving us your contact information helps our leaders keep you informed about things happening at First Pres. We don’t share visitor information with any other organizations and promise not to harass you with mailings and phone calls.

The service focuses on a theme each week.  We use prayers, songs, and a sermon to worship God. When in the sanctuary, you’ll see that all of the song lyrics, prayers and Bible texts are printed on giant screens, and hymnals and Bibles are available in the pews for those who prefer to use them.

During the service we take up a financial offering each week, though it isn’t necessary for you to put anything in the offering plate. Rather, we view the service as our gift to the Lord and to you as a visitor.  It’s the duty and privilege of our members to support the ministry of the church. 

The service lasts about one hour.  Afterward you’ll pick up your kids from the nursery, and then we hope you’ll stay around, meet our friendly people and enjoy some coffee, cookies, or snacks. Church is about God and worship, but it’s also about community and friendship, so we want everyone to experience the warmth and friendliness that is so prevalent at at First Pres Muncie

Thanks for your interest!