The 21st Century Scholar Mentors Program is seeking mentors that live or work in the Muncie area.  The 21st Century Scholars program is designed to assist income-eligible students reach their full potential through a college education (see for more information). However, the Scholars attending Ball State University need mentors like you to support them in their educational goals by contributing just a small amount of your time. This is in line with the new 21st Century Scholars mentoring model being developed across the state of Indiana (



21stscholarlogoThe 21st Century Scholar Mentors will serve as advocates and advisors, primarily taking advantage of the wide range of resources available through Ball State University. The program will provide you will the tools to assist Scholars with a wide variety of issues via the appropriate channels.

Tentative plans are for mentors and Scholars to meet one evening each month during the school year (Sept-May) at First Presbyterian Church for an educational program. These programs will be structured to provide activities to benefit both the Scholars and their mentors. The rest is up to you! Feel free to keep in touch with your Scholar the rest of the month through emails, personal visits, and other ways of showing your support.

The 21st Century Scholar Mentors Program believes you would be an ideal mentor and probably know of others in the community who would help a young person in achieving one of their great goals in lifeā€¦a college education!


An informational meeting will be held Wednesday, August 28th, 5pm at First Presbyterian Church Fellowship Hall. Please let us know if you are able to attend by contacting Jane Smith at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Also consider sharing this invitation with others in the Muncie community.


In the meantime, here are some links to others involved in this effort:


Indiana 21st Century Scholar

       Indiana East Region Director: Miranda Scully        


Project Leadership

       Director: Tammy Pearson

       Community Scholarship Liaison: Dick Daniel

       Graduation Coach: Julie McGee


Ball State University

Ball State 21st Century Scholar Support Specialist: Lydia Higgins

Career Center Assistant Director: Camille G. Mason  


First Presbyterian Church

Myron Earhart, Moderator of College Ministry, First Presbyterian Church




One thing is certain: we cannot achieve fundamental change in our schools unless thousands of private citizens become involved. Not just interested, or aware of the problems, or concerned about the inadequate skills of our workers or the failings of our students-but involved.   Without this massive participation by private citizens, entrenched interests will prevail. Nor can we wait for a grand master plan or even a consensus on what reforms are most effective. While we are waiting, the system will continue to erode, and another generation of children will be lost.  

From Mentors by Thomas W. Evans, Founder, National Symposium on Partnerships in Education